Peace is an experience of “fullness”. It involves a correct and harmonious relationship with ourselves and with all that surrounds us. Above all, it is reconciliation with God: Jesus. He is our peace (Ephesians 2: 14) , the Crucified and Risen One. He has enriched us with an experience of peace so different from that which the world can offer (John 14: 27). This is the peace that we want to implore, cultivate and spread. Therefore, we commit ourselves first and foremost to intercession for peace, so that our lives, in their simplicity, may become a source of supplication, reconciliation, joyful penitence and solidarity with those who suffer because of their distance from God (cf. Judges 6:24) and are often unaware of the wound which this causes in their lives. For the photo: Peace is a gift of God which needs to be implored, borne in suffering and shared with humility. Charisms or fundamental ministries of our ecclesial family are: intercession, expiation and hospitality. (Rule of Life, no.7). Implored and borne in suffering, the gift of peace also needs to be shared so that it may remain a pure gift. Peace is thus visible in a heart which gathers the spiritual poverty of our times to itself, like a mother, taking that poverty upon itself and reaching out to humanity’s woundedness through explicit acts, by means of missions, testimonies and evangelization. Intercession, Expiation and Hospitality are the ABC of our charism, rendering it a participation in the maternal compassion of Mary in a world that is aching for peace, “new wine” and a renewed Pentecost.

“We live the ministry of intercession in a contemplative community, for the Church and humanity, to implore the gift of peace.” (RL 8) We feel called by a life of mediation, an “intercession,” because, the Church and the whole of humanity is preparing for a renewed Pentecost” (RG 1)

We are called with a desire to live a responsibility for the salvation of the world, we associate ourselves to Jesus and his mother Mary in saying to the Father: « Here I am Lord, I come to do your will» offering our lives and the small sacrifices that may come along the way with love” (RL 9)

“We offer the same journey of peace -that Mary guides us on-, to all our brothers and sisters who are sincerely seeking the gospel of peace and who suffer by the oppression of many wounds and pains due to their being far from God” (RL 10)